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than Wolong. Air-conditioners are being installed in the pandas' cottages to keep them cool and comfortable.Almost ten of the relocated pandas will become mothers in a few weeks time. They've been receiving e▓xtra care as preparations are made f

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or their impen▓ding motherhood.In south China's Guangdong Province, five pandas arrived from Sichuan last week. They a▓re getting used to their new home at the Guangzhou P▓earl River Wild Animal Park. Their rooms are air-conditi▓oned and disinf

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ected every day. The high-profile newcomers are also being watched by animal doctors aroun▓d the clock.Zhang Delu, General Manager of Pearl River Wil▓d Animal Park said "The pandas are accompanied by our zoo staff and keepers from Sichuan every

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day and night. Som▓e panda experts and professors will be here to examine t▓heir psychological condition in a few days."The park i▓s doing all it can to ensure that the pandas are provided with nutritious meals, a comfortable environment and the best

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care. The animals are yet to receive routi▓ne health checks. If everything g

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